Therapeutic Style

Finding balance in life is key, and it starts with awareness of the areas in your life creating the most stress. Together we will collaborate to create a plan for increasing balance, decreasing stress, and learning new techniques for relaxation. I believe through self compassion and hard work, inner healing and personal transformations are entirely possible. 


My approach to therapy is warm and relational (talk therapy) with a combination of behavioral therapy (CBT) and meditation/mindfulness practices. At times, I may use coaching strategies and compassionate goal setting in order to make desired changes in your life. Together we will work to build on the strengths already set in place and eliminate the patterns that are no longer useful to you. While I have a background in mindfulness practices and meditation, my approach is extremely flexible because each person and their needs are unique. My training is predominantly psychodynamic, but I have additional experience in providing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and Relational Therapy. All this with a touch of mindfulness.